Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Bake Pineapple Tart ~ 黄梨酥

25-30 pcs - RM20.00

Strawberries Vanilla Cake (Felt) 不织布草莓香草蛋糕

Strawberries Vanilla Cake (Felt) 不织布草莓香草蛋糕
Size:   Diameter - 7 inches
          Height (Cake base not including strawberries & creams) - 2.5 inches
Price: RM50 (exclude postage)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

月猫子 ~ Luna Cattus

我是爱月的夜猫子,喜欢手作,各式各样的手作。 吃的、用的、装饰用的、收集的。。。享受那过程,更喜欢共享成果。 合心意的就多多支持,多下订单吧 ^^

I stay up late most days, like a cat in the night who loves moon. I loves handmade, all kind of hand made; eatable, use-able, displayable, collect-able... Enjoyed the process, enjoying sharing of results more. If you like it, feel free to place your order and support ^^